Leapa IntiGrid Technology

A Subsidiary of Leapa Group
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About IntiGrid
Leapa IntiGrid is envisioned to integrate renewables and distributed generation to develop an innovative grid management technology to further maximize the contribution from renewables, enhance the utilization of their highly dispersed combined heat and electric power, and offer the ability to pursue an even greater solar and  wind energy contribution.
In IntiGrid, we test, develop and market the innovative technologies related to renewable energy, distributed generation, and power system management. We are powered by world class experience and broad array of specialties found with industrial leaders in integrating renewable and distributed energy resources into the local power grids. IntiGrid unleashed the full potential of integration and smart management for utility, industrial, and commercial power system based on sophisticated control applications and grid management strategies. For renewable and distributed technology suppliers, IntiGrid provides all the support necessary to accelerate market establishment, prioritization, optimize product performance with a decisive advantage.